In the rapidly changing realm of technology, owning a trustworthy dash cam is now essential rather than a luxury. A dash cam may be a silent, watchful friend for anybody who enjoys taking road trips, commutes every day, or values security and safety when driving. Today, we examine the Rexing V5C Dash Cam in more detail. This device is meant to provide clear video, a plethora of capabilities, and simplicity of use.

Strengths of the Rexing V5C Dash Cam

Strengths of the Rexing V5C Dash Cam

1. Ultra HD Video Quality:

The Rexing V5C‘s ability to record video in breathtaking Ultra HD 2160p quality is one of its best features. This guarantees that every detail—from traffic signs to license plates—is recorded in perfect clarity. Even in difficult lighting situations, the high dynamic range (HDR) technology produces balanced footage by varying the exposure. This further improves video quality.

2. Built-In GPS Logger:

A GPS logger that logs your car’s position, speed, and route is included into the V5C. This is especially helpful for long-distance travel, fleet management, and in the sad case of an accident, as it offers accurate information to bolster insurance claims.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity:

Video may be easily transferred to your tablet or smartphone with Wi-Fi access. You can conveniently access your dash cam recordings at any time and from any location by using the Rexing Connect app, which enables you to download, view, and share movies straight from the device.

4. Loop Recording and G-Sensor:

When the memory card is full, the loop recording feature overwrites the oldest recordings, ensuring you never run out of storage space. When used in conjunction with the G-sensor, which locks the video automatically in response to abrupt movements or crashes, you can be confident that important moments are preserved.

5. Compact and Discreet Design:

The V5C is simple to install on your windshield without blocking your vision because to its elegant, low-profile design. Its unobtrusive design also makes it fit in perfectly with the interior of your automobile, discouraging would-be thieves.

Weaknesses of the Rexing V5C Dash Cam

Weaknesses of the Rexing V5C Dash Cam

1. Limited Night Vision:

The V5C does a great job during the day, but even with its respectable night vision, it could do better. Some users may see a decrease in video quality in low light.

2. App Connectivity Issues:

The Rexing Connect app has occasionally had connectivity problems, according to several users. Even though they don’t happen very often, these situations might be annoying while attempting to view or download video.

3. No Battery Backup:

The V5C lacks an internal battery backup and is solely dependent on external power sources. This implies that in the event that the power supply to your car is cut off, it will stop recording.

4. Installation Complexity:

The first setup and installation may appear a little intimidating to people who are not tech-savvy. Even though a thorough handbook is included in the package, some customers might find that hiring a professional installer is a preferable alternative.

5. Price Point:

When compared to some rivals, the Rexing V5C is priced more expensive. Despite its abundance of features, consumers on a tight budget may find it to be a little pricey.


In all, the Rexing V5C Dash Cam is a dependable and feature-rich gadget that shines in GPS tracking, video quality, and ease of use thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. It stands out as a strong option for those wishing to improve their driving experience and provide peace of mind while driving, despite a few small flaws.

If you’re thinking about getting a dash cam, the Rexing V5C is well worth the money. Don’t pass up this amazing device that may increase the safety and enjoyment of your travels.

Rexing V5C Dash Cam: FAQs

Does the Rexing V5C Dash Cam support parking mode?

Yes, the Rexing V5C supports parking mode, which monitors your vehicle while it is parked and records any incidents.

What size memory card is compatible with the V5C?

The V5C supports microSD cards up to 256GB, providing ample storage for your recordings.

Can I use the dash cam in extreme weather conditions?

The Rexing V5C is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F), making it suitable for various climates.

How do I update the firmware on my Rexing V5C?

Firmware updates can be downloaded from the Rexing website and installed via the microSD card. Detailed instructions are available in the user manual.

Is the Rexing V5C compatible with both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, the Rexing Connect app is available for both iOS and Android, allowing seamless connectivity with your smartphone or tablet.